Saturday, 24 February 2018

Azure Data Lake – U-SQL – Using C# Code Behind


In this article we are trying to discuss about Using C# Code behind in U-SQL script. As we look that every U-SQL script has a C# code behind.

Now the question is why we are going to use this C# code behind as we can create function, stored procedure and other thing successfully in U-SQL. The answer is quite simple. If we want to use the power of C# and the entire library related to it, we can use the C# code behind.

 For an example, we need to create a complex scalar value function and using C# it is quite easy by using it’s math library inbuilt functionality.


Case Study

 To understand the C# code behind, we are not taking any complex example. Here we have a CSV file, that have “StudentID”, “StidentName” ,“Marks1”, “Marks2” and “Marks3”.

We are going to retrieve information from CSV file and try to put the information to another output CSV file.

We are doing little transformation work by adding “Marks1”, “Marks2” and “Marks3” and give it a “Total Marks”.

We are going to use C# code behind by creating a function name “GetTotalMarks”. It takes three input marks and returns the total of three input marks.


C# Code Behind


using Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces;
using Microsoft.Analytics.Types.Sql;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace TestApplication
    public static class StudentRecor
        public static Double GetTotalMarks(int marks_1, int marks_2, int marks_3)
            return marks_1 + marks_2 + marks_3;



U-SQL Script

@searchlog =
    EXTRACT StudentID     int,
            StudentName   string,
            Marks1        int,
            Marks2        int,
            Marks3        int
    FROM "C:/Users/Joydeep/AppData/Local/USQLDataRoot/Input-1/StudentRecords.csv"
    USING Extractors.Csv();

@filtering =
    SELECT StudentID,
           TestApplication.StudentRecor.GetTotalMarks(Marks1, Marks2, Marks3) AS TotalMarks
    FROM @searchlog;

OUTPUT @filtering 
    TO "C:/Users/Joydeep/AppData/Local/USQLDataRoot/output/Output-1/StudentResult.csv"

    USING Outputters.Csv();


Please look at the calling of Function in U-SQL code.

It is :

<Name Space Name> . <Class Name>.<Function Name>

Job Graph:


Output File



Hope you like it.


Posted by: MR. JOYDEEP DAS


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    1. Definitely ... u-sql support function, stored procedure

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