Sunday, 4 February 2018

Azure Data Lake – Running U-SQL Script


In this article we are trying to discuss about U-SQL query and how you can run it. Regarding Data Lake introduction, you can refer my previous article named “Azure Data Lake Introductory”.


Types of U-SQL Run

There are two type of U-SQL run

1.    U-SQL Local Execution

2.    U-SQL Cloud Execution


U-SQL Local Execution

We can run the U-SQL from our local machine. Here we are not using Azure resources. So there is no additional cost for that. I personally preferred it is a best method to learn U-SQL.

U-SQL Cloud Execution
We can run U-SQL scripts in Azure in the context of a Data Lake Analytics account.
The data read or written by the script will also be in Azure - typically in an Azure Data
Lake Store account.

Preparing your Local machine for running U-SQL
Visual studio needed

1.    Visual Studio 2013, 2015
2.    Visual Studio 2017 (All Integrated)

Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio (ADLToolsForVS)

If we have Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015, we need to run the “Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio (ADLToolsForVS)”

Here is the link:

How verify that ADLToolForVS is installed

We have to verify the installation of ADLToolForVS. For that open the visual studio and choose the Tool menu. If we find any Data Lake then it means that ADLToolVS is installed successfully.

How to open U-SQL Editor

To open U-SQL Editor in Visual Studio

à New à Project

The Script File

At this point you should notice that an empty U-SQL script has been created called

The Submit button will run the script. The dropdown next to the Submit button says
(Local). This means that Submit will run the script in Local Execution mode.

Hope you like it.



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