Thursday, 27 October 2016

SSIS Execute Process Task – TimeOut Property

One of my previous article is showing, how to use the Execute Process task intelligently to solve big problem.
Here in this article I am trying to demonstrate the small but common error that people face when using Execute Process Task. It is called Timeout Error.

How Timeout Error Generate
Suppose we are using a batch file to extract file from a source location, but when we are going to extract it, the file itself is not loaded properly in source location, causing the problem of timeout, if TimeOut property is mentioned in Execute Process Task.

How It Can be Solved
The Execute Process task zero (0) as default value of the TimeOut property. That means the there is no time out for the process.

The process either completed or returns an Error to complete the Execute Process Task.
But if we define a specified the TimeOut property that means the Execute Process task must be completed within the specified time, others Timeout Error occurs.

Please remember that the TimeOut property is taken a value as SECOND.
There is another property named TerminateProcessAfterTimeOut. It takes the value TRUE or FALSE. It means if the TimeOut value Expire, is it Terminate the Process or NOT.
The TerminateProcessAfterTimeOut Property is DISABLED if we set the TimeOut value to ZERO (0).

Hope you understand it.

Posted by: MR. JOYDEEP DAS

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