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Understanding CDC and Implementation in SSIS (Part – II)

In my previous article we are discussing about CDC implementation of Microsoft SQL Server. If you are not aware about it please visit it before continue this article as it is mandatory to understand my previous article for that.

The link is given bellow:

In this article we are going to discuss about the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SSIS implementation of CDC. Hope it will be informative and you enjoy the session

Case Scenario
First we must understand what we want to do in SSIS for CDC. Here the case scenario is provided.

We have a table object named tbl_EmployeeDetails like this

EmpID (PK)
Joydeep Das
Deepasree Das
Santi Nath Mandal

Now we want to incremental load of data from Table tbl_EmployeeDetails to Table tbl_Employee with same columns name.
Here the term Incremental Load is very important. That’s means
1.    First time it loads all the data from Table tbl_EmployeeDetails to table tbl_Employee.
2.    Second time it loads only those data that are newly inserted or Modified.
So, CDC play a very important role incases of Incremental load to understand which data is newly added and which data is updated. Hope from my previous article you can understand the scenario well.

How to Implement in SSIS
Here we are going to make two packages for that.

Step – 1 [ The CDC Control Task – Mark Initial Load Start ]
Drag and drop the CDC control task into Control Flow tab and configure it.

Here we find

·         Add a new ADO.NET connection manager for the Source database

·         Set CDC Control Operation to Mark initial load start

·         Create a new package variable (CDC_State) to hold the CDC state information.

·         Set the connection manager for the Destination database

·         Create a table for storing the state ([cdc_states]). This table will be used to track the CDC load information, so that you only pick up new changes each time the incremental load package is run. It will be created in the Destination database.

·         Set the state name (CDC_State). This value acts as a key for the CDC state information. Packages that are accessing the same CDC data should be using a common CDC state name.

CDC Control Operation

Mark initial load start
This operation is used when executing an initial load from an active database without a snapshot. It is invoked at the beginning of an initial-load package to record the current LSN in the source database before the initial-load package starts reading the source tables. A walkthrough of how this process works can be found in my CDC in SSIS for SQL Server 2012 post.

Mark CDC start
This operation is used when then the initial load is made from a snapshot database database or from a quiescence database. It is invoked at any point within the initial load package. The operation accepts a parameter that can be a snapshot LSN, a name of a snapshot database (from which the snapshot LSN will be derived automatically) or it can be left empty, in which case the current database LSN is used as the start LSN for the change processing package. This operation is used as an alternative to the Mark Initial Load Start/End operations.

Get processing range
This operation is used in a change processing package before invoking the data flow that uses the CDC Source data flow. It establishes a range of LSNs that the CDC Source data flow reads when invoked. The range is stored in an SSIS package variable (StateVariable property) that is used by the CDC Source during data flow processing.

Mark processed range
This operation is used in a change processing package at the end of a CDC run (after the CDC data flow is completed successfully) to record the last LSN that was fully processed in the CDC run. The next time Get processing range is used, this position determines the start of the next processing range.

Reset CDC state
This operation is used to reset the persistent CDC state associated with the current CDC context. After this operation is run, the current maximum LSN from the LSN-timestamp sys.fn_cdc_get_max_lsn table becomes the start of the range for the next processing range. An example of when this operation is used is when you want to process only the newly created change records and ignore all old change records.

Step – 2 [ The CDC Control Task – Mark Initial Load End ]

Same as The CDC Control Task – Mark Initial Load Start but only one configuration that we need to change is Set CDC Control Operation to Mark initial load End

Step -3 [ Package Details Flow ]

In-between two CDC Control Task, we use the data flow task and configure it.
Control flow Tab of the package

Data flow Tab of package

Now check the CDC_states table object
SELECT * FROM [dbo].[cdc_states];


Step – 4 [ Incremental Load ]

Configuration Changes in CDC Control Task
The only configuration that we need to change in both the CDC Control Task is CDC Control Operation is Get Processing Range and Mark Processed Range

Data Flow Tab Details

Configuration of CDC Source

Configuration of CDC Splitter
NO need of any configuration.

We assume that the other configuration like OLED Command you now that and no need to describe.

Hope you like it.

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