Monday, 17 February 2014

Events [ Both in Offline and Online ]

SQL Knowledge Bank introduces some events with their members mentioned bellow.

1.    Developer Meet of SQL Knowledge Bank
Date:  26-January-2014
Speakers: a. Mr. Joydeep Das
                  b. Mr. Chandan Bannerjee
                  c. Mr. Soumen Bhoumik
                  d. Mr. Arun Gupta

2.  Understanding of MS BI tools (SSIS)
Date: 9th-February-2014
Speaker: Mr. Joydeep Das

2.    Understanding the CURSOR and Alteration of CURSOR to Increase Performance
Date: 17th – February -2014
Speaker: Mr. Soumen Bhomik

1 comment:

  1. We understand that we have limited resources. But within this we are trying to manage at least one event at every Sunday. The event is going wander full and totally knowledge driven. It’s my request to all my readers to join our next event…