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SSIS ActiveX Script Task


In this article we are trying to discuss about ActiveX Script task. This is provided only for the purpose of backward compatibility with the dependent component of Data Transformation Services (DTS) nothing else. ActiveX Script task is use for custom code with Older DTS.
But in SSIS we have much more advance feature like Script Task. 

Use of ActiveX Script Task
It can include the business logic in the package. The business logic means the conditional logic to manage the package workflow. By this we can access the value from database table object (ActiveX Data object ADO) and can populate the variable by this value. It can perform the complex database related calculation like ADDDATE, DATEDIFF etc. It can extract data by using Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) from Active Directory for user information.

Case Scenario
By using ActiveX Script task we are going to create a text file in the name of "Task.txt" in the location "F:\Practice_SQL\SSIS\ActiveXScriptTask" and write "Hello I am ActiveX Script Task" into the above text file.

How to Do that

Step-1 [ Control flow Task ]
Drag an ActiveX Script Task into the Control Flow pan.

Step-2 [ ActiveX Script Task Editor ]

Here we choose the VB Script language.

In this point we may be get an error

To solve this problem, please follow the MSDN Link given bellow

Step-3 [ Run the Package and see the Result ]

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