Friday, 17 February 2012

View and Underlying Table Information



When we are working with a view in a database, we must know that which table is used to create the view. In this article I am trying to illustrate these points.

To find, all the view name of your current database use.

SELECT name As View_Name

FROM   sys.sysobjects WHERE xtype='V'




It shows you the entire view name in your current database.

Fine, now you want to know which underlying table is used in a particular view.

For example, suppose you have a view name "vw_salesInfo" and the view used two tables named "mast_customer", "tran_salesdtl". To see this information many developer open the view definition and search the T-SQL statements to find the underlying Table objects.

This is not a good procedure to find the underlying table objects information from view. To find that use this SQL statements.




WHERE  VIEW_NAME='vw_salesInfo'



It gives you the view name and underlying table name related to it.


Hope this article is quite informative and thanking you to provide your valuable time on it.


Posted by: MR. JOYDEEP DAS


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